Dr. Kooin

Dr Kooin

Immune Shield Capsules

Boosts Immunity and prevents recurrent diseases

Immune Booster, strengthens and balances the immune system, Increases stamina, offers resistance against free radicals andsupports Kidney and liver functions.

  • Boosts Immunity
  • Prevents recurrent diseases
  • Fight recurring infections
  • Seasonal allergies
  • Upper respiratory tract infections
  • Bronchial asthama and viral pneumonia

Dr Kooin Immune Booster strengthens and balances the immune system, Increases stamina and protects against stress. It offers the body the mechanism to fight recurring infections, seasonal allergies, upper respiratory tract infections, bronchial asthama and viral pneumonia. It helps support Kidney and liver functions, strengthens immune response to various microbial particles and resists free radicals on the body.

Indications :

Poor defense mechanism and low resistance to diseases, viral, bacterial and allergic manifestation, Upper and lower respiratory tract infections, skin and soft tissue infections.

Composition :

Each capsule contain

Moringa oleifera Extract. (Suhanjana) *Leaves 50mg, Margosa Extract. (Neem) *Fruit / Leaves 50mg, Carica Papaya Leaf Extract. (Papita) *Leaves 100 mg, Wheat Germ Extract. 60 mg, Green Tea Extract. *Leaves 30 mg, Jasmine Flower Extract, *Flower 30mg, Aloevera Extract. (Ghritakumari Extract) *Stem Gel 50 mg, Tinospora Cardifolia Extract. (Giloi Extract) *Stem 80 mg, Zingiber Officinale. (Sundh) *Rhizome 30 mg, Andrographis Paniculata. (Kalmegh) *40 mg, Curcumin Extract *Rhizome 30 mg, Hemidesmus indicus Extract. (Anantmool) *Stem & root 40 mg, Trikatu Extract *40 mg, Bauhinia variegate Extract. (Kachnar Ext) *Stem bark 40 mg, Holy Basil Extract. (Tulsi)*Leaves 80 mg.

Processed in extracts of :

Sonth, Pippali, Noni, Katuki, Kali Draksh, Vidari Kand.

Ayurvedic Product

Serving per container : 60 Capsules

Serving Size : 750 mg per capsules

Suggested Use : 1-2 Capsules once or twice daily with Lukewarm milk, or as directed by Health Consultant.

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