Dr. Kooin

Why Us


With over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing space of Healthcare Products, we are a known household brand offering quality products in the sphere of Ayurvedic Healthcare, Natural Herbal Skincare, Beautycare, Veterinary care, Homecare, and Food products. With all our Products meeting the GMP standards of manufacturing, we maintain very strong Quality checks for all our products in all divisions.


Owing 3 decades of vast experience in the manufacturing of Ayurvedic Healthcare, Cosmetics, FMCG, Healthcare & Personal care from Wintrust Pharmaceuticals Ltd; we are one of the most trustable Ayurvedic Companies in the country covering quality Products across all indications and already an established name selling brands like Rumawin, Livode, Panion, Stamina and to add many more, Trusted by millions of Doctors, Distributors, Retailers and Consumers all across India and overseas as well.


Over 30 years of continued research in Ayurvedic Healthcare, offering a wide variety of Herbal health products & over 10 years of extensive research conducted by the research wing of Wintrust Pharmaceuticals Ltd to create unmatched Ayurvedic and Herbal range of Products, has resulted in the creation of the most premium Ayurvedic formulations formulated under the technical guidance of Dr. Kooin Bionatural Health & Beauty Solutions Research Foundation. Also, our research foundation will always thrive to give excellent & unmatched quality products for the benefit of our country & society and bring products in the market that make a difference to the health of the public.