Dr. Kooin

Dr Kooin

Guggal Capsules

Maintains cholesterol & relieves joint inflammation

Optimizes cholesterol levels within normal range and reduces inflammation in the joints. Rich source of Anti-oxidants.

  • Pain free movement of the joints
  • Increases mobility
  • Simultaneous joint lubrication
  • Rejuvenate tissues within the joints

Dr Kooin Guggal Capsules posses unique properties of maintaining cholesterol levels already in the normal range and reduces inflammation in the joints. Guggal is a rich source of Anti-oxidants which promotes comfortable the movement of the joints, thereby increasing the mobility. Its simultaneous ability to lubricate and rejuvenate the tissues within and around the joints helps to promote strength and proper movement within these delicate spaces. Dr Kooin Guggal Capsules also promotes a healthy weight management by reducing extra fat from the body. It also supports the thyroid function linked to weight management.

Composition :

Each capsules contains Guggal (Commiphora Mukul) *Oleo Gum Resin Extract 10:1 : 500 mg

Ayurvedic Product

Serving per container : 60 Capsules

Serving Size : 500 mg per capsule

Suggested Use : 1 -2 Capsules once or twice daily with Lukewarm water , or as directed by Physician.

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