Dr. Kooin

Dr Kooin

Bone Strong Capsules

For A-Z Bone Nourishment

Excellent for A-Z nutrition of the bones and its related disorders. It boosts up mobility and is a completely natural solution for Joint and bone related supplementation and treatment therapy.

  • Calcium And Vitamin D Deficiency
  • Slow Calcium Absorption
  • Degradation Of Cartilage
  • Osteoporosis
  • low mobility of joints

Dr Kooin Bonestrong Capsules is an excellent for A-Z Nutriton of the bones and its related disorders. It increases the mobility of the joints and aids in the repair of the cartilage hereby offering a faster healing in case of traumatic dislocation or fracture of various status. It decreases morning stiffness and ensures improvement and maintenance of Joint functions. It is a completely natural solution for Joint and Bone related supplementation and treatment therapy.

Indications :

Calcium and vitamin D deficiency, Slow calcium absorption, degradation of cartilage, osteoporosis.

Composition :

Each capsules contains

Shallaki Extract (Boswellia Serrata) Exudate 100 mg, GhritaKumari Extract (Aloevera Extract) Stem Gel40 mg, LAHSUN Extract (GARLIC) BULB 40 MG, ASWAGANDHA Extract (WITHANIA SOMNIFERA) Roots 60 MG, Daru Haldi Extract (Berberis Aristata) Stem 40 mg, HALDI Extract (CURCUMA LONGA) RHIZOMES50 MG, Arjunchall Extract (Terminalia Arjuna) Bark 30 mg, SUDDH GUGGAL Extract (COMMIPHORA WIGHTI) EXUDATE 100 MG, Pipplamool Extract (Piper Longum) Roots 40 mg, MandhurBhasam (Ferric Oxide) Calx 20 mg, Sundh (ZingiberOfficinale) Rhizome 40 mg, PravalBhasam (Eggshell Calx) Calx 60 mg, KULCHA SUDDH (STRYCHNOUS NUX VOMICA) SEED 20 MG, AMLA(EMBLICA OFFICINALIS)FRUIT 25 MG, HARAR (TERMINALIA CHEBULA) FRUIT 25 MG, Bahera (Terminalia Bellirica) Fruit 25 mg, Curcumin Extract (Rhizome) 20 mg.

Processed in extracts of :

* Amba Haldi, * Suranjana, * Nirgundi, * Rasna

Ayurvedic Product

Serving per container : 60 Capsules

Serving Size : 800 mg per capsule

Suggested Use : 1 -2 Capsules once or twice daily with warm milk , or as directed by Health Consultant.

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